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Satisfying the palate
in the natural way


Naturally processed Hams and cured meats, without additives or preservatives, with low salt content and gluten-free.


We make our products following the Granada tradition, cured in a natural way and from an artisan production process.


The electricity we consume during production comes from an environmentally friendly photovoltaic installation.

traditional flavor

Alpujarreño cured meat

At Iberian Moments we work on the artisan production of sausages, generating a wide assortment that includes Alpujarra sausage, Alpujarra chorizo, cured salami, Iberian chorizo, Iberian sausage and Iberian loin.

fusion of craftsmanship and technology

The difference is in the ham

We have four varieties of ham: PGI ham, Alpujarran ham, cured ham and Iberian ham. The taste of these is the result of a process that combines artisan manufacturing and modern technology. With this, we achieve a boning and slicing process that results in a natural and artisan product, a unique flavor that makes the difference.

trevélez ham

Hams with the Seal of the Crown of HM Queen Elizabeth II

In 1862, the ham from Trevélez, in the Alpujarra of Granada, during an exhibition held in Granada to showcase the best quality products of the land, was awarded by Queen Isabel II with the “Crown Seal”. This award accredited him as a supplier of the Royal Household and certifies his Specific Denomination, making our products a jewel of the gastronomy of La Alpujarra.



Create a natural, handmade product with all the flavor of La Alpujarra. In addition to maintaining a centuries-old tradition in the production of hams and products that respect the gastronomic history of Granada in their preparation process.

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We are committed to guaranteeing a quality product, in a continuous process of improvement. In addition, with this constant evolution, we also acquire an environmental commitment by ensuring that our work is as handmade as possible.

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