About Us

surrounded by fresh air

Our location

We make our hams and cured meat in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, an environment of pure and fresh air so that the drying of the ham and cured meats is done in an optimal and natural way.

Meat Molina

Our factory is located in Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia). From here we distribute our hams and cured meat is done in an optimal and natural way.

Our team

A constantly evolving team that works to achieve excellent quality in all our products.

What makes us different

our history

Since 1990: ham and cured meat that respects the tradition of La Alpujarra

We are based in the Sierra Nevada National Park, where our products are made respecting the customs of Granada. This provides a unique experience with centuries of history when it comes to tasting them. 


100% handmade

Our dryers are located in Trevélez, the highest area of ​​the Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada. They are found at more than 1.700 meters of altitude, where the hams enjoy the purity of the air in a process that lasts between 17 and 24 months. After 14 months, all the aromas and flavours emerge. Without preservatives or additives. A unique experience on the palate!

years of artisan experience

Ham masters

We have ham and cured meat masters throughout the process of making our products.
Depending on the environmental conditions, they decide how to carry out their production, ensuring that they maintain the necessary temperature and humidity. Once the process is completed, they check that each piece is perfectly dried, and has the necessary salting and maturation.


Environmental commitment

Our company has a strong commitment to the environment, for this reason our production is based on respect for the natural environment. All the electricity consumed in our plants comes from environmentally friendly. Our products do not contain any additives or preservatives. 

Group companies
Meat Molina

Our brands have protected geographical identification and the Jamones de Trevélez identity seal. Both find their name in their place of origin: Virgen de las Nieves, patron saint of Sierra Nevada, and Siete Lagunas, which has its origin in the Cañadas de Siete Lagunas, between the Mulhacén and Alcazaba peaks.