Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian

+31 months of natural and artisanal curing.
Alpujarreno Origin. Weight: from 7 to 9 kg.

This Iberian bait ham comes from pigs of 50% Iberian breed. Its flavor and texture are a source of satisfaction for those who taste it and that has made this piece known for its high quality. At Iberian Moments we strive to care for each piece, from curing to drying, our entire process is completely handmade. All our efforts to produce real quality hams are translated into pieces that please the most demanding palates.

The curing of this Ham is carried out in drying rooms at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, creating a unique quality due to the special climate found in this place with very cold winters and especially hot summers that make the Iberian Cebo Ham unique and unmistakable. Our expert artisans are in charge of achieving an ideal cure in each piece, making the hams without any type of artificial additive.

Nutritional information (100g.):

Energy values 1389/332
Raw Fats 19.3
Saturated fatty acids 7.1
Carbohydrates <0.1
Sugars <0.1
Proteins 39.7
Cinema 5.9

Iberian Pork ham, sea salt, lard and oil.

Certified by ICC Nº: IB-631/86


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